Thank you for visiting the home of the Charlottesville Republican Committee. We are dedicated to bringing “Common Sense Leadership” back to Charlottesville.

We promote the Republican ideals of faith, family, personal responsibility, and limited government.

We support the military and we are appreciative of the sacrifice made by those who serve, for without this sacrifice our freedom would be lost.

We believe that personal success is achieved through greater individual independence and less restrictive government.

We encourage diversity of thought and we value the discussion of ideas. Ours is a “big tent” party, yet we endeavor to be respectful in the course of disagreement.

We believe that taxes should support the core responsibilities of government. We understand that the high cost of living in Charlottesville is directly proportional to the high level of local government spending.

We strive to build a better city, a better commonwealth, and a better nation. We invite you to join with us in working for a new tomorrow.

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